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You may have noticed that I didn’t include representatives from FE2 or FE14. The reason is that I only posted artwork of the Lord-class characters rather than all of the protagonists like I did in the picture for FE:CSR, which was recently updated.

From Left to Right: Marth (1/3/11/12), Sigurd (4), Seliph (4), Leif (4/5), Roy (6), Eliwood (7), Lyndis (7), Hector (7), Eirika (8), Ephraim (8), Ike (9/10), Chrom (13), Lucina (13)



I’m going to kill myself with all the rules for these damn things!

First I thought if a word ended with an s, all you need was an apostrophe to indicate plurality. Then, I did some research after seeing so many things ending with “s’s”, and THOUGHT I discovered that if a second s is pronounced, you add it in your diction. THEN, after thinking some words looked wrong, I re-researched apostrophes and LO AND BEHOLD IT IS MORE COMPLICATED THAN I WAS LED TO BELIEVE! For THE NAMES OF PEOPLE, it depends on whether or not you pronounce an extra s. FOR ALL OTHER NOUNS you never add an S. Damn it, if I’m STILL wrong I think I’m going to go insane!