RWBY… really?

I had no idea what the hell RWBY was until I watched the Yang vs Tifa Death Battle. Then I figured, what the hell, how bad can the series be? So, I watched the trailers and the first episode. My thoughts: God damn it, Japan, you’ve infected us.

Yes, we Westerners have some strange cartoons (Beetlejuice, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, et al.), but NOTHING compares to the madness of Anime. And now some small-time American production company has decided to tackle Eastern animation? The result was surprisingly not terrible, though I still find a lot of it to be annoying.

Honestly though, the fight scenes were good enough to get me to watch the rest, even though I had my hand over my face half the time. Well, the real reason I stayed focused on it is because everyone else seems to be. Best to be up to date on the latest topics… makes for good conversation.

But man, Torchwick’s guncane (I know the official term is cane gun, but I like the sound of guncane better)… I want one of those. Classy, yet badass.

The only thing close to an anime that I enjoyed was the Hellsing Ultimate OVA. And even in that, I skipped over the anime bullshit parts they mixed in.



One of my cardinal rules with regards to writing is NEVER PANDER TO ANYONE! WRITE WHAT IS ON YOUR MIND – IT WILL ALWAYS TURN OUT BETTER!

However, I do understand the importance of attracting viewers, which is why (among other things) I will be writing a sort-of-fluffy ChromxSumia oneshot in the near future. That does not mean I am going to modify my writing style to please others, but rather, I’m choosing a topic I know people like so as to please them.

But enough about me, lets talk about Marvel and DC!

New 52’s Green Lantern got his power from his gay fiancée’s ring. Earth 616’s Thor grew boobs and Captain America is now black. I disapprove of all three decisions (along with the other bullshit pandering going on) WITH A PASSION.

Understand this – I am not homophobic, misogynistic, or racist. I simply believe that changing existing characters to pander to minorities shows nothing but a lack of creativity. What’s wrong with inventing new characters? Or popularizing older ones? I heard about a lesser-known Marvel heroine called Misty Knight, who happened to be black and seemed like a pretty badass character (having a robotic arm made out of a metal that trumps Adamantium). Why not try to bring her back? And there are plenty of ideas out there that haven’t been written yet… why not start experimenting? You have the time and money!


Though what’s worse is cable news. WHAT HAPPENED TO GIFTED INTELLECTUALS WRITING THEIR OWN MATERIAL EXPLAINING WHAT’S NEW! WHAT HAPPENED TO UNBIASED NEWS REPORTS DETAILING EVERYTHING THAT’S GOING ON! God, all that seem to be left are imbecilic pundits and blondes with more silicon and Botox than intellect.

Alright, enough ranting for now. Until next time, my friends!

Author’s notes for “Relief for The Weary”

About time I return to form. Serious fics are what (I think) I’m best at, so this one should meet, if not exceed your expectations of me.

Of course, I might be wrong. Leave a review and/or send me a PM about what you think – am I better at writing serious or comedic pieces?

I know I made Lucina a bit of a nag. Her speeches about morale are actually in-character based on the circumstances: this is supposed to take place after an A-support conversation between her and a female Morgan (that does not exist in the game, but I’m sure you can guess what it would contain).

Yes, I know. I copied and pasted dialogue from support conversations. I wanted to release this in a timely manner and I liked how some of his dialogue sounded. The last two lines of the fic were actually from Hector and Lyn’s A support in FE7.

Lon’qu’s inner monologue may have seemed OOC, but I don’t think it is. The few times we actually heard what he was thinking when he thought he was alone (or when he was pressured by someone) made him seem like internally he was more forward and considerably more aggressive than he let on.

Next oneshot is a request from “KoalaNoob” and the one after that is the closest thing I’ll ever do to pandering.

Author’s Notes for “The Capitalist and The Warrior”

Well, that was my first attempt at a comedy piece (unless you count the Sain-isms in “Taming the Love-Master”). I think it turned out alright.

Originally this was only going to feature Anna and Vaike, but I ran out of ideas after about 900 words. Plus, I needed practice writing Miriel and since Virion is so similar to Sain, he is always fun to write.

With Miriel’s inclusion came a one-sided VaikexMiriel for all you folks who are fond of that pairing. Yes, Miriel’s attraction for Vaike is hidden in her subconscious (I hope I portrayed it well enough), but it’s still there.

Anna’s rant about money is a reference to the ‘money-man’ in the first chapter of FE6.

“The Master” is a reference to Doctor Who. Though “The Master” in this publication is not an antagonist like his counterpart, he is a cunning trickster.

Yes, I know “teached” isn’t a real word.

Tharja, you mischievous young woman… spiking the pig with aphrodisiacs. I wonder how the other Shepherds reacted to it. Actually, I don’t, as I’m sure some of them did… lemony stuff.

The dragon exposition was included as a response to a challenge COOKIECHEESEMAN gave Cormag Ravenstaff. Read the author’s notes in Chapter 20x of the former’s fic “A Glimmer of Hope” for details. Though really you should read the whole fic – it’s very funny and an overall great read.

Oh, and the reason Tiki is still so open with Anna is because she still had not realized the redhead conned her.

FINALLY Anna is beginning to acknowledge her feelings for Vaike. Calling his stupidity ‘cute’ may have been a Freudian slip, but it is better than nothing!

Yeah, I know I kind of turned Virion into Sain (even more so than he already was in-game), but I couldn’t help myself! It’s just so fun to write like that!

Speaking of Sain, I wonder who shouted at Virion from beyond the Gate…

I know Sain isn’t included in any of the Awakening DLC packages, but as with Virion’s dialogue, I couldn’t resist.

That was an early proposal! I think Vaike’s turning into canon Virion!

Aaaand everyone forgets about it next scene.

Well, Vaike and Anna finally hit it off officially in THE LAST SCENE. Should I have done that earlier?

There’s that first kiss… and the end of the fic. Hope you enjoyed it!

Author’s Notes for “The Unburdening of a Bishop”

Yes, yes, I know this wasn’t my best. Frankly, I’m surprised it came out as good as it did. It took me a day of writing and two days of editing to release it; in hindsight I probably should have started to work on it earlier, as I wanted to release it within a week of WS’s completion (I did NOT expect three chapters to be released at the same time…).

I’m very proud of the section with Nergal. His death in Tale 11 of FE:CSR will probably play out similarly.

Renault’s dialogue was inspired mainly by two things

  1. In the beginning of “Wayward Son”, Renault was just like Jacques in “Unburdening” – a stoneworker’s apprentice whose father’s death drove his mother to become extremely religious.
  2. His experiences as detailed early in Wayward Son

Naturally, Jacques was inspired by Renault’s character early in Wayward Son.

As those of you who have read Wayward Son should already know, Gunlord’s Renault is very different from mine; I hope that didn’t bother anyone.

Well, that’s all for this baby. Next oneshots on the list, two crackfics and a competition between Sain and Virion.

Tale 9x Chapter 1 Author’s Notes

The main purpose of this chapter was to introduce Robin and the Priestess’ characters, with Lyndis’ journey through Ylisse being plot B (despite the title).

Lyn is dressed like Ayra from FE4.

Colby is a reoccurring character in Cormag Ravenstaff’s fics. His appearance in my fic is canon with his appearances in Cormag’s. The point on his timeline at which he appears is during “Final Emblem: Dawn Over an Old World” right after Chapter 21. It’s a great fic if you want to read it.

The characters at Vincent’s pub are based off those on the classic TV sitcom Cheers:

  • Vincent = Sam
  • Kelsey = Frasier
  • Carlene = Carla
  • Diana = Diane
  • Clint = Cliff
  • Morn = Norm

Yes, Robin knows some serious black magic. He’s no where near the level of some of the other characters, but his signature spell (the portal thing from last chapter) is a trump card against any attack, putting him at a near-top tier level. The only characters that could conceivably beat him are the gods, guardians and demons, all of whom are supernatural nigh-immortals who seldom appear in the fic. The Eternal One and the Dark One don’t count because they are omnipotent, omniscient immortals who appear fewer than ten times in the whole saga.

What? AENIR is the Priestess?! But Bramimond said she was killed! Well, Solomon, Yosef’s direct ancestor’s brother, saved her at the last minute and managed to do so completely undetected. How, you ask? Because the plot.

Nergal does fit into this. I’ll slowly reveal the details between Tale 11 (Eliwood’s Tale) and Tale 13 (Roy’s Tale). For now, all you need to know is that he is as old as time itself and has a 700 year memory gap (from 200 years before the Scouring to 500 years after).

Pyra is from COOKIECHEESEMAN’s fic “A Glimmer of Hope”. Cookie’s style of writing is drastically different from mine so I had a hard time keeping her in-character, but I felt she was perfect for the role I put her in.

Yosef may or may not have been involved in the assassinations of Emmeryn, Chrom and Lissa’s parents. There will be flashbacks in the next few chapters regarding that topic. Eventually I will write a flashback about the Shechem massacre as well, but I don’t know where I’m going to fit that in.

Yosef is dressed almost exactly like Nergal, only he doesn’t have a turban and is wearing trousers.

Emmeryn and Yosef do have a preexisting relationship (which I will elaborate on in flashbacks), but I probably won’t pair them up.

Yep, Robin is such a badass he can single-handedly take out a Fire Dragon twice the caliber of the final boss in FE7 in mere moments… but he’s oblivious when it comes to women. How? Because the plot.

Well, see you next chapter!

Author’s Notes for “Children of Fire”

The title of this fic was inspired by Athos’ final prophecy at the end of FE7.

Hector’s line about his “destiny” is a reference to Durban’s prediction in FE7 when he granted the Ostian the power of Armads.

In this fic, Mark left for Sacae with Lyn and… well… was killed in a surprise attack when the Djute and their Bern allies declared open war on the Kutolah.

The evil sorcerer Marcus mentioned was, as everyone who played FE7 should know, Nergal, who warped Sir Broken of Record (A.K.A. Denning) and a legion of morphs inside Castle Ostia’s walls.

TECHNICALLY Lilina was in a random room, not a cell, but since it was locked from the outside and the castle was swarming with the noblewoman’s enemies, it pretty much served the same purpose.

Roy and Lilina’s promises to each other outside the Shrine of Seals were (VERY) loosely inspired by Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 Episode 7 – “The Hub”. Emphasis on “VERY”, though. The characters in the show were friends, nothing more, and I would not want them to be more for a number of reasons. I won’t get into any of them because I’d be entering spoiler territory.

Yeah, I know, the ending was short. I couldn’t really figure out what to write as I said everything I wanted to the section before. The only reason I included the last segment was because I knew you guys wouldn’t be happy if I just ended it at the Shrine of Seals.

Lastly, I bumped up the time table for the next chapter of FE:CSR, as it is a crossover with the next chapter of another fic and I want to make sure the two chapters are released around the same time. Don’t worry, you’re still going to get the two crackfics I promised you.

Ylisse and Valm Combined Map

Circa 980A.S.

This is the map for the Ylisse and Valm portions of FE:CSR. Little changes between the different arcs, so I’ll only post this one map, then list the changes are in another post, which I will release after I complete Tale 11 (Eliwood’s Tale). If I did so before hand, I’d be giving away spoilers.

FECSR Awakening map

You will undoubtedly notice some changes from the game… if you have any questions, leave a comment bellow.