Really Nintendo? Really?

For reasons I will not disclose (they are FE:CSR related), I was doing some research on the FE14 kind-of-sort-of-half-ish antagonist, Anankos, and I made an irritating discovery – his name in the Japanese games is Hydra. I looked at his character artwork (his dragon form looks like a robot and his human form makes him look like a female Grima), and put my hand over my face. THERE IS NO UNIVERSE IN WHICH HE LOOKS REMOTELY LIKE A HYDRA.

On top of that, do we really need TWO titles that were popularized by MARVEL?! Lodestar = Star Lord… Anankos = Hydra… the next thing that’s going to happen is they create a character named Parker who has the ability to turn into a spider… then in the American localization call him something based off of the word “Arachnid”.


Author’s Notes for A Princess and Her Knight Chapter 1: The End of The Beginning

As I said before, this was a request from KoalaNoob. I sincerely hope you all enjoyed it.

The chapter title was taken from MARVEL’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1.

I know I said I made it a multi-chapter publication because I wanted to make up for the fact it took me so long to write this, but I have a secondary motivation as well – the idea I came up with would be better expressed in more than one chapter. I learned that from my RoyxLilina fic, “Children of Fire”, which a few people told me seemed rushed.

I feel I should mention that even though the first two chapters line up with the first two chapters of FE8, this fic is not a complete retelling. It WILL cover the game from start to finish, but it will be heavily truncated. Don’t expect more than five chapters.

Compared to my other works, this will play out like an extended version of “Children of Fire”.

Yes, I know the events I wrote are rather far from what happened in the actual game (especially the Seth vs. Walter scene). I hope you don’t mind.

I do believe that scene was pretty bad-ass, if I may say so. Seriously, though, who in real life could pull all that off?

I hope I adequately portrayed Eirika’s fighting skills; I don’t want her to seem too strong at her current state of development.

Eirika’s feelings for Seth may have been laid on a little thick here. If that’s a problem, don’t worry. She won’t be as forward for most of the rest of the fic. The only time I will write intense emotions is during scenes where the situation looks bleak.

The ending dialogue was based off of Seth and Eirika’s C Support. Their B and A supports will be included as well, albeit modified.

Franz didn’t do much this chapter, but he will have his moments in subsequent ones.

Future chapters will likely be similarly short; this story is not supposed to be large-scale, especially since FE:CSR and ULD (Up The Ladder of Darkness) are as big as they are.

Next on the list, the beginning of ULD and a beta read for GameFreakImage.

Regarding ULD, the first two chapters (the prologues) will not be very long, as they simply serve to introduce the protagonists. As soon as those are over with, expect full length chapters.

Author’s Notes for FE:CSR Tale 9x Chapter 2

Yes, I made a few title changes. Most notably those of Emmeryn and Basilio. For Emmeryn, I liked “Eminence” better than “Grace” (and I already elected to use “Grace” for Aenir), and for Basilio, I wanted to differentiate the ruling Khan from the other Khans. There are eight, now – five in Regna Ferox, three in North Plegia. See the combined Ylisse/Valm map I posted earlier for details.

As for the changes to Chapter 1, I just changed some dates around for continuity and made Yosef a little less relevant. No big deal.

Now for THIS chapter!

Yes, I’m making Emmeryn an OP bad-ass. She has a total of four restraint levels. Robin and Aenir have two and the Hierophant has five. I may give you her stats in a separate post.

I may or may not ship Yosef x Emmeryn. If you want to weigh in, feel free leave a comment!

Chrom is OK with Yosef and Emmeryn falling in love, but he is NOT OK with them engaging in sexual intercourse… at least before they get married.

I hope you liked the scene with Sumia and Frederick. And I REALLY hope I did a good job describing Frederick’s Fanatical Fitness Hour… or in this case, Frederick’s Fanatical Fitness Day.

If you couldn’t already guess, I’m pairing Chrom and Sumia together.

Sain vs. Virion: The Battle of the Love Masters! I plan to make a oneshot about them later.

I’m not sure if what Yosef, Aenir, Chrom and Lissa were doing was weird. I hope it’s not, because I don’t want you all to think I support incest.

Part of that speech was revealed in the preview for this tale, if you remember.

Has anyone actually written an explanation for how warp powder works? Either way, I like mine.

I’ll elaborate on the Lopto sect at a later time.

Yes, the Sword Princess is Karla.

For those of you who don’t know/remember the plot of Awakening, I won’t spoil who the masked man is.

Next up, a request, a beta read and some new stuff!

Anna in FE:CSR

For the record, the in-story reason for Anna’s reoccurrence throughout the series is not the same as it is in Awakening. I’ll slowly reveal the details throughout Tales 9x and 10, with the second-to-last chapter in the latter revealing the full story.

On another note, the second chapter of Tale 9x should be completed by this Sunday. It’s not terribly long, but I hope it’ll be worth the wait anyway.

Author’s Notes for Ancient Scholars Chapter 1: Fast Friendship

Yes, yes, I know I released this ahead of schedule. I had writer’s block, and this was the easiest of my three projects to write. I swear I’m almost done with FE:CSR Tale 9x Chapter 2… TWO more sections, that’s all!

Sorry if you found the first section boring. I just wanted to include it as a background for the fic.

By this point, Nergal was technically a druid, but elected to still wear Shaman’s robes because he wanted to remain relatively unnoticed.

Similar jobs, similar passions… seems like the basis for a friendship to me!

The reason Nergal didn’t recognize the tome (despite Forblaze being written on it) is because he had been searching for ways to resurrect his wife and bring back his children since very early in the Scouring and pretty much stopped paying attention to the world around him.

The part about Fire tomes being strong against wind was a reference to Radiant Dawn’s Anima Triangle… which will be included in all of my fics. The reason Nergal didn’t know about it was because Athos needed to deliver exposition.

Next chapter: finding and entering the colony that would eventually become Arcadia!

I know this was still short, but at least it passed 1000 words! Next chapter will probably be a little longer, but this publication as a whole will be much shorter than the rest of my works. Probably won’t have that many chapters either. Up The Ladder of Darkness, however, will be quite long. One day, I hope to rework it and publish it as an original work.

Turning Dreams into Publications

So the other night I had a dream that was very weird… but perfect to use for my writings.

I was a middle-class merchant living in a magical FE-like world when a great demon threatened to destroy the universe. Five warriors sought out and retrieved orbs that granted them nigh-unlimited power, allowing them to slay the demon. However, their power corrupted them and they came to the town square and demanded to be worshiped as Gods. Most of the townspeople bowed before them, but I continued to stand, proclaiming “there is only one God.” They tried to kill me but a beam of light came down from the heavens, protecting me. That same beam then shifted to the four warriors, but instead of protecting them from harm, it disintegrated them.

Then my alarm woke me up.

Here’s how I interpret it: the five warriors represent the five Akaneia/Ylisse games. The orbs were like the spheres from said games, the part about them demanding worship while one man defies them kind of reminds me of that scene from the Avengers (which I watched a few days prior) when Loki demanded worship from humanity. Lastly the part about there being only one God that protects his people seems to be my subconscious reaffirming my faith in my religion.

I was thinking about using this in a new fic, once Ancient Scholars is finished (it won’t be that long; Up The Ladder of Darkness is probably going to go on for a while, though). Thoughts, anyone?

RWBY Ramblings Episode II: Attack of The GoT Fans (They promised us darkness… they better deliver)

I’ve been following RWBY for the hell of it, and recently I’ve noticed the series has taken a turn for the better. I still loathe much of the soundtrack, though.

The darkness is rising, and it satisfies me greatly. However, I will not declare this a good show (in my opinion) until something along the following lines happens:

Pyrrha gets incapacitated in a fight, but damages her enemy enough for Jaune to kill it, only he ends up sacrificing his life in the process. He manages to say a few last words to Pyrrha, but she never gets the chance to reveal her feelings to him. Only after he goes cold does she say anything (and subsequently kiss him). Then she kind of pulls a Grant Ward and ruins the lives of the protagonists. Maybe kill Qrow (Then again, he’s voiced by Captain Kirk from Star Trek: Continues, so I’m hoping he lasts a long time), Sun and Neptune. Then maybe she can sell her soul to the devil and become the main antagonist… only to be defeated because that old hermit from the backstory pulls a MARVEL Odin and strips her of her power before forcing her into exile away from all civilized life.

If not Jaune, another main character must be killed off soon (and it better be a good death scene). One we’re invested in but cannot be developed further. I’m not saying pull a GoT on us and kill half of the cast in a single episode (though I could think of worse ideas), but death is a good motivator. And it provides good lessons for the kids.

On a more important note, I’m still pissed off at Star Wars Episode VII. No spoilers, but I found it incredibly lackluster. Then again, it was directed by the guy who ruined Star Trek, so… I really should not have had high expectations.

EDIT 26 January 2016: So they killed off an unimportant side character… one they didn’t develop enough for me to care. Besides, considering her nature, they’re probably going to resurrect her… and make her more powerful than ever. If they pull a Leo Fitz, that’s another story… one I might just enjoy.

Watching people’s reactions to the episode was pretty funny, though. I’m 90% sure they did it for the same reason many people overreact to FNaF – revenue. Seriously, though, who really cared about her?

EDIT 7 February 2016: YES! YES! YES! DEATH EVERYWHERE! Unfortunately the worst things to happen to important people were a bitch death, a severed appendage and an impalement through the gut.

FE:CSR Enlarged Cover Photo

For those of you wondering what it looks like in detail:

Untitled - Sign

Counter-clockwise from bottom-left: Shiida (1/3/11/12), Marth (1/3/11/12), Celica (2), Alm (2), Sigurd (4), Seliph (4), Leif (4/5), Roy (6), Lilina (6), Lyndis (7), Eliwood (7), Hector (7), Ephraim (8), Eirika (8), Ike (9/10), Elincia (9/10), Micaiah (10), Chrom (13), Lucina (13), Azura (14), Corrin (14)

Fire Emblem: Fates Setting

Remember a few months ago I said my retelling of Fire Emblem: Fates will take place beyond the Dragon’s Gate? Well, I just read that (and I may have misread it) the game itself will be taking place beyond the gate! What a lucky coincidence.

On the other hand, I also discovered it takes place shortly after the events of Awakening. My retelling was set to (and still will) take place roughly 820 years after Awakening. Why? Well, I’m not going to give too much away, but I will say it has to do with (among other things) Azura’s necklace, Lehran’s Medallion, Fomortiis and the Darksphere (Sable).

Also Nils is set to be Azura’s father.

If you are still confused, look at the order of tales on my FanFiction profile page. That might clear things up.

That’s all you’re getting about it for now! Hope you aren’t too pissed off about the changes!

Preliminary notes for my new Modern AU

Happy New Year, everyone! Now on to business.

Up The Ladder of Darkness is an anti-liassez-faire capitalism piece about a country where major corporations pretty much act like mobs. It will mostly follow two separate protagonists, the Police Commissioner (Ephraim) and a war veteran who joins one of the corporations in the hopes of climbing to the top and becoming an executive (Lyon).

This will be my first politically motivated work. I hope to eventually publish it, given it receives well as a FanFic.

Most of the characters will have similar personalities to their canon counterparts, only modified to the extent that they’d be appropriate in the new setting.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and/or send me a PM.