Fire Emblem: Fates Setting

Remember a few months ago I said my retelling of Fire Emblem: Fates will take place beyond the Dragon’s Gate? Well, I just read that (and I may have misread it) the game itself will be taking place beyond the gate! What a lucky coincidence.

On the other hand, I also discovered it takes place shortly after the events of Awakening. My retelling was set to (and still will) take place roughly 820 years after Awakening. Why? Well, I’m not going to give too much away, but I will say it has to do with (among other things) Azura’s necklace, Lehran’s Medallion, Fomortiis and the Darksphere (Sable).

Also Nils is set to be Azura’s father.

If you are still confused, look at the order of tales on my FanFiction profile page. That might clear things up.

That’s all you’re getting about it for now! Hope you aren’t too pissed off about the changes!


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