Social Justice For Some?

I could go on about how horrible the concept of Social Justice is, but everything I have to say about it and those who forward it has already been said a thousand times.

One thing I will mention is that while they claim to stand up for victims, they seem to forget two groups: Jews and men.

Let’s get the argument about men out of the way: the narrative of Social Justice states that those who “suffer” from unequal outcomes deserve special treatment. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 93% percent of all inmates in 2015 were men. So, by Social Justice Warriors’ logic, the criminal justice system must be rigged against men. Yet do you ever hear about that from them? I haven’t.

This argument, in their heads, can be ignored because of all the other privileges men have had over the centuries.

Now to the longer, even less justifiable issue. I don’t see many Social Justice Warriors standing up for Israel, which faces daily threats from Islamists. Rockets fly over Israel every day, and no-one seems to be standing with them except about half of the world’s Jews and a handful of others. Everyone else seems to either support or abet Islamic extremists.

On a side note, you cannot say you support Jews but oppose Israel. Israel is a Jewish state, and if you oppose it and instead support Palestine – a Muslim state – you oppose Judaism. So, doesn’t this make Jews victims?

The latest attitude toward Jews from the Vatican is that since they are descended from Jews, Catholics have an obligation to support and protect them. Meanwhile, the Palestinian Charter calls for the mass extermination of the Jewish people. So, shouldn’t Social Justice Warriors be supporting Catholics and opposing Palestinians? Apparently not. Also, people seem to forget that Catholics do not make up the majority of Christians in America (according to a 2012 Gallup poll, 23.3% of Americans identify as Catholic, while 51.9% identify as Protestant). White Supremacists also exclude Catholics from their circle. The KKK didn’t just kill blacks back in the day – they killed Jews and, you guessed it, Catholics.

But I digress. Whenever you put a modifier before “justice”, it ceases to be justice. Social Justice Warriors and other radical leftists are ignorant, bigoted, hypocritical imbeciles who have been dragging down our country since Obama first started propping them up. Everyone from Bill Maher to Ben Shapiro acknowledges this. Sam Harris once made a great speech on how radical leftism and political correctness led to the rise of Trump, a compulsive liar and admitted fraud. Fortunately, at least for now, he has proven to be a moderate president and the country has benefited from his limited time in office. Of course, we’re only two months into his presidency, so only time will tell how history remembers him.

I might write something later on why I feel Trump’s presidency may be necessary for America, regardless as to how beneficial it may be.


2 comments on “Social Justice For Some?

  1. gunlord500 says:

    In terms of anti-Semitism, I don’t see how Trump has benefited the country. It seems to me that the most loathsome anti-Semitic elements of our society have been emboldened by his victory. I’m sure you’ve heard stories of neo-nazi groups like those Daily Stormer guys saying Trump is “one of them” and stuff like that. Sure, he might–might–come down hard on Islamic extremism and he has Jewish family members, but none of his policies or statements (especially that anemic one about the Holocaust where the White House played down the suffering of Jews specifically) seem concretely pro-Jewish.


    • Hammershlag says:

      I acknowledge he has not done much to combat the rising antisemitism in this country, and in some ways is only fueling hate. However, I did NOT say he was benefiting anyone – I merely said his presidency may be necessary for America to grow in the long run. Before he rose to political prominence, the stench of political correctness covered America and those in power only furthered that agenda, sacrificing intellectual diversity and freedom of expression in the process.

      Also, I believe the rise in hate is only temporary, as people are finally feeling free to express their beliefs without penalty and are exploiting that freedom. Kind of like how when you open a can or bottle containing a carbonated beverage, the pressure released initially causes the container to overflow but after a brief period the beverage settles.


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