Author’s Notes for A Princess and Her Knight Chapter 1: The End of The Beginning

As I said before, this was a request from KoalaNoob. I sincerely hope you all enjoyed it.

The chapter title was taken from MARVEL’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1.

I know I said I made it a multi-chapter publication because I wanted to make up for the fact it took me so long to write this, but I have a secondary motivation as well – the idea I came up with would be better expressed in more than one chapter. I learned that from my RoyxLilina fic, “Children of Fire”, which a few people told me seemed rushed.

I feel I should mention that even though the first two chapters line up with the first two chapters of FE8, this fic is not a complete retelling. It WILL cover the game from start to finish, but it will be heavily truncated. Don’t expect more than five chapters.

Compared to my other works, this will play out like an extended version of “Children of Fire”.

Yes, I know the events I wrote are rather far from what happened in the actual game (especially the Seth vs. Walter scene). I hope you don’t mind.

I do believe that scene was pretty bad-ass, if I may say so. Seriously, though, who in real life could pull all that off?

I hope I adequately portrayed Eirika’s fighting skills; I don’t want her to seem too strong at her current state of development.

Eirika’s feelings for Seth may have been laid on a little thick here. If that’s a problem, don’t worry. She won’t be as forward for most of the rest of the fic. The only time I will write intense emotions is during scenes where the situation looks bleak.

The ending dialogue was based off of Seth and Eirika’s C Support. Their B and A supports will be included as well, albeit modified.

Franz didn’t do much this chapter, but he will have his moments in subsequent ones.

Future chapters will likely be similarly short; this story is not supposed to be large-scale, especially since FE:CSR and ULD (Up The Ladder of Darkness) are as big as they are.

Next on the list, the beginning of ULD and a beta read for GameFreakImage.

Regarding ULD, the first two chapters (the prologues) will not be very long, as they simply serve to introduce the protagonists. As soon as those are over with, expect full length chapters.