In-SAIN New Year’s Extravanganza 2016-2017 Notes Part 1

I’m still working on two other Sain-centric pieces that I meant to release yesterday, but until my writer’s block clears up I might as well release notes for the first two.

First off, the cover photo:


The idea originally was to just paste Sain’s face over a picture of Jesus, but when I saw a picture of Jesus and seven disciples, I realized I could include all six women Sain has support conversations with… and Kent. Because you can’t have Sain without Kent. Yes, I know Sain and Kent also have support conversations with each other.

I admit these pieces are not my finest works, but frankly they’re not meant to be. I wrote them for merely for fun as a way to ring in the new year. Is that such a problem.

“Beauty And The Sain”

The fic takes little inspiration from “Beauty And The Beast”, but I thought the title worked nonetheless.

You were all expecting Sain to get his ass kicked, weren’t you? If that’s what you were hoping for, too bad.

My 25th fic special will most likely be Karel-centric.

If you look at the official art for every female character in FE7 from Sacae, and then from Lycia, you will know where Guy is coming from.

I mostly included Guy and Matthew because they are perfect sources for fun banter. In FE:CSR, they are both going to receive plenty of attention.

If you thought this was going to end in a kiss, Cormag, sorry to disappoint. I hope you enjoyed it anyway.


Considering the fic COOKIECHEESEMAN wrote that this is the sequel to was called “Commitment” (, I felt the title was appropriate.

You may have noticed this piece is a serious departure from my original style; this is because I was trying to imitate Cookie’s (with my own spin, of course).

Kent’s dream is based off of the single best Fire Emblem Fan Art I have ever seen. Here’s a link:

I don’t know what Cookie was thinking of when he wrote Lyn wearing a fancy, skin-tight, revealing dress, but I think of a teal version of what Sonia wears (

The part where Kent essentially breaks is a reference to a similar set of dialogue Sain shouted in “Commitment”, which was the first written line I had ever read that made me laugh.

The last sentence is a reference to the last sentence of “Commitment”.


Author’s Notes for “Another Day, Another Adventure”

Well, here we are! I’m finally doing a fic starring my favorite crew in the whole franchise! I think it turned out well enough.

I admit, I may have taken some inspiration from Lord of The Rings here, albeit very little.

Oswin secretly enjoys everything here, though he would never admit it.

“What are all of the tutorial bosses doing here?” Well, considering how comically incompetent they were, I figured it would be funny to have them leading the bandit army.

“4 soldiers defeating an army? How much more OP can you make them?!” Clearly you haven’t read any self-inserts, but I digress. This is a COMEDY. It’s not intended to be a serious adventure containing realistic battles.

And we finish off with a nod to one of my favorite FE7 pairings, MatthewxLeila.

I’m probably going to do a lot more with these five.

AS is next, then ULD and PHK.

Author’s Notes for Romance By Fire

Not sure if this really counts as fluff, but it’s the best I could come up with.

The name is a play-on-words of “Baptism By Fire”.

I know in the game Chrom got married right after he defeated Gangrel, but I needed something to work with.

Yes, yes, I know Arcfire wasn’t available until the second part of the game, but I’m pretty sure Miriel had a B rank on at least one of my playthroughs by the time I finished off Gangrel, so she could easily use one.

This fic may have seemed rushed, but please cut me some slack here, I don’t know how to write fluff! I’m used to intricate plots and at least somewhat deep stories!

Here’s my plan for the next three months:

  • Final chapter of Tale 9x in FE:CSR should be done by the end of the week,
  • The next chapters of AS, PHK and ULD should be up by mid-August,
  • I should be done reworking Tale 9B by the end of August, and then
  • I’ll be on track to start Tale 10 some time in September

That’s all for now, folks!

Author’s Notes for The Love Masters

I’ve been looking forward to writing this one.

I wanted to include more characters, but I was somewhat pressed for time and couldn’t come up with anything for them.

I realize Sully doesn’t look remotely like Kent, but I figured it would be funny if I pretended she did.

In hindsight, I realize Fire Emblem fans may think I made Olivia seem like Severa, and (I believe) Anime fans may think I made her seem like a “Tsundere”. I, however, look at it from a psychologist’s standpoint: she’s going through classic denial, which is something plenty of people go through. Ergo, Olivia is not OOC.

Oh Lord did I have fun writing that last scene. In fact, I originally wrote it months ago, before I even knew what I was writing it for!

Author’s Notes for The Legend of Anankos

Sorry for the pathetic name; I didn’t have the energy to come up with a better one.

I don’t remember if the Vallite King who reigned when Anankos went mad was named or not, and I wanted to stay close to canon, so I didn’t come up with one. If I had, I’d probably dig something up from one of the Western or Middle Eastern Classical mythologies.

Not much else to say, really. If I come up with something later I’ll add it in.

Author’s Notes for “Breaking The FIFTH Wall”

Nothing much to say about this one folks. I went crazy for a short period of time; this is the result of my temporary madness.

I know it’s written more like a deadpool fic, and I probably should have listed it as a crossover, but such is life. I don’t care enough to change it.

ULD’s next… hopefully.

Author’s Notes for “A Chess Game Gone Wrong”

Short, OOC and written in ten minutes. Usually, that’s a recipe for disaster… I hope that wasn’t the case.

Robin screwed up. Big time.

My logic for making Lucina seem… manly… was that she, at least for a short time, fooled everyone around her into thinking she WAS a man. Also, she is a Marth clone in SSB4.

The only reason I paired Robin with Tharja was because I needed an excuse for her to freely perform a hex for him without asking too many questions. Their relationship isn’t overly relevant to the story.

That’s all for today!

Author’s notes for “Relief for The Weary”

About time I return to form. Serious fics are what (I think) I’m best at, so this one should meet, if not exceed your expectations of me.

Of course, I might be wrong. Leave a review and/or send me a PM about what you think – am I better at writing serious or comedic pieces?

I know I made Lucina a bit of a nag. Her speeches about morale are actually in-character based on the circumstances: this is supposed to take place after an A-support conversation between her and a female Morgan (that does not exist in the game, but I’m sure you can guess what it would contain).

Yes, I know. I copied and pasted dialogue from support conversations. I wanted to release this in a timely manner and I liked how some of his dialogue sounded. The last two lines of the fic were actually from Hector and Lyn’s A support in FE7.

Lon’qu’s inner monologue may have seemed OOC, but I don’t think it is. The few times we actually heard what he was thinking when he thought he was alone (or when he was pressured by someone) made him seem like internally he was more forward and considerably more aggressive than he let on.

Next oneshot is a request from “KoalaNoob” and the one after that is the closest thing I’ll ever do to pandering.

Author’s Notes for “The Capitalist and The Warrior”

Well, that was my first attempt at a comedy piece (unless you count the Sain-isms in “Taming the Love-Master”). I think it turned out alright.

Originally this was only going to feature Anna and Vaike, but I ran out of ideas after about 900 words. Plus, I needed practice writing Miriel and since Virion is so similar to Sain, he is always fun to write.

With Miriel’s inclusion came a one-sided VaikexMiriel for all you folks who are fond of that pairing. Yes, Miriel’s attraction for Vaike is hidden in her subconscious (I hope I portrayed it well enough), but it’s still there.

Anna’s rant about money is a reference to the ‘money-man’ in the first chapter of FE6.

“The Master” is a reference to Doctor Who. Though “The Master” in this publication is not an antagonist like his counterpart, he is a cunning trickster.

Yes, I know “teached” isn’t a real word.

Tharja, you mischievous young woman… spiking the pig with aphrodisiacs. I wonder how the other Shepherds reacted to it. Actually, I don’t, as I’m sure some of them did… lemony stuff.

The dragon exposition was included as a response to a challenge COOKIECHEESEMAN gave Cormag Ravenstaff. Read the author’s notes in Chapter 20x of the former’s fic “A Glimmer of Hope” for details. Though really you should read the whole fic – it’s very funny and an overall great read.

Oh, and the reason Tiki is still so open with Anna is because she still had not realized the redhead conned her.

FINALLY Anna is beginning to acknowledge her feelings for Vaike. Calling his stupidity ‘cute’ may have been a Freudian slip, but it is better than nothing!

Yeah, I know I kind of turned Virion into Sain (even more so than he already was in-game), but I couldn’t help myself! It’s just so fun to write like that!

Speaking of Sain, I wonder who shouted at Virion from beyond the Gate…

I know Sain isn’t included in any of the Awakening DLC packages, but as with Virion’s dialogue, I couldn’t resist.

That was an early proposal! I think Vaike’s turning into canon Virion!

Aaaand everyone forgets about it next scene.

Well, Vaike and Anna finally hit it off officially in THE LAST SCENE. Should I have done that earlier?

There’s that first kiss… and the end of the fic. Hope you enjoyed it!

Author’s Notes for “The Unburdening of a Bishop”

Yes, yes, I know this wasn’t my best. Frankly, I’m surprised it came out as good as it did. It took me a day of writing and two days of editing to release it; in hindsight I probably should have started to work on it earlier, as I wanted to release it within a week of WS’s completion (I did NOT expect three chapters to be released at the same time…).

I’m very proud of the section with Nergal. His death in Tale 11 of FE:CSR will probably play out similarly.

Renault’s dialogue was inspired mainly by two things

  1. In the beginning of “Wayward Son”, Renault was just like Jacques in “Unburdening” – a stoneworker’s apprentice whose father’s death drove his mother to become extremely religious.
  2. His experiences as detailed early in Wayward Son

Naturally, Jacques was inspired by Renault’s character early in Wayward Son.

As those of you who have read Wayward Son should already know, Gunlord’s Renault is very different from mine; I hope that didn’t bother anyone.

Well, that’s all for this baby. Next oneshots on the list, two crackfics and a competition between Sain and Virion.