I’m still alive!

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Long one today, guys. For those of you who may be wondering, I’m not dead… yet. My computer’s working fine, but for some reason I can’t seem to find the files for the next chapters of AS, ULD and PHK, which are completed. I’d rewrite them, but as I’m taking an extremely heavy load in school this semester, I don’t have enough time. I will continue searching for the completed files, but until I find them I’ll be focusing on reworking FE:CSR Tale 9B, and to a lesser extent Tale 9x. I’ve learned a lot since I joined this website, and I want my main fics to reflect that. Thank you for your patience.


OC Writing Traps

I’m sure at least the majority of you have read FanFics that include OC’s who are vastly more powerful, and at least somewhat more important to the plot, than the canon characters. These, as you know, are called Mary Sues (males are sometimes called Gary Stus), named after who is credited as the first character written that way. What you may not have read are works from authors who fell into the opposite trap. Out of the fear that their character would turn into a Gary Stu/Mary Sue, some authors write their characters as vastly UNDERpowered and almost completely useless to the plot. I personally do not find that to be any better.

I myself fell into the former trap with my first OC, Yosef (as those of you who have read at least part of FE:CSR should know). In an attempt to distract from the main plot (which I thought by now most people would be sick of reading), I centered a lot of the content around him and made him a lot more powerful that I should have. In addition, in an attempt to make him seem psychologically damaged I accidentally wrote him as cruel. Now that I am more experienced, I plan to go back and rewrite Tale 9B (in which he is featured); hopefully this time around I’ll get it right.

My Reviews:

I already posted this on my profile, but I’d like to put it on my blog as well for those of you who glossed over it/didn’t read it.

For the most part, I leave supportive one- or two-sentence reviews. Sometimes I’ll ask a question or two, but usually I’ll just praise your effort. For my friends, though, I’ll leave extended reviews, detailing everything I like about the story, and maybe a few critiques here and there. I used to be kind of rude, correcting grammar left and right and pointing out all the flaws, rather than appreciating the effort put into each publication, but I’ve mellowed out with time, and I try to be nothing but supportive (unless I’ve been explicitly asked to critique the story, in which case all bets are off).

Turning Dreams into Publications

So the other night I had a dream that was very weird… but perfect to use for my writings.

I was a middle-class merchant living in a magical FE-like world when a great demon threatened to destroy the universe. Five warriors sought out and retrieved orbs that granted them nigh-unlimited power, allowing them to slay the demon. However, their power corrupted them and they came to the town square and demanded to be worshiped as Gods. Most of the townspeople bowed before them, but I continued to stand, proclaiming “there is only one God.” They tried to kill me but a beam of light came down from the heavens, protecting me. That same beam then shifted to the four warriors, but instead of protecting them from harm, it disintegrated them.

Then my alarm woke me up.

Here’s how I interpret it: the five warriors represent the five Akaneia/Ylisse games. The orbs were like the spheres from said games, the part about them demanding worship while one man defies them kind of reminds me of that scene from the Avengers (which I watched a few days prior) when Loki demanded worship from humanity. Lastly the part about there being only one God that protects his people seems to be my subconscious reaffirming my faith in my religion.

I was thinking about using this in a new fic, once Ancient Scholars is finished (it won’t be that long; Up The Ladder of Darkness is probably going to go on for a while, though). Thoughts, anyone?

Enlarged FanFiction Profile Photo

In case any of you are wondering what it looks like in detail.


FanFiction profile picture 3


From left to right:

Top – Loptyr (4/5), Nergal (7), Naga (1/3/4/5/11/12/13)

Middle: Shiida (1/3/11/12), Celica (2), Sigurd (4), Eliwood (7), Hector (7), Ike (9/10), Elincia (9/10), Chrom (13), Lucina (13)

Bottom: Marth (1/3/11/12), Alm (2), Seliph (4), Leif (4/5), Roy (6), Lyn (7), Lilina (6), Ephraim (8), Eirika (8), Micaiah (10), Corrin (14), Azura (14)

New site header

You may have noticed that I didn’t include representatives from FE2 or FE14. The reason is that I only posted artwork of the Lord-class characters rather than all of the protagonists like I did in the picture for FE:CSR, which was recently updated.

From Left to Right: Marth (1/3/11/12), Sigurd (4), Seliph (4), Leif (4/5), Roy (6), Eliwood (7), Lyndis (7), Hector (7), Eirika (8), Ephraim (8), Ike (9/10), Chrom (13), Lucina (13)