Author’s Notes for Up The Ladder of Darkness: Prologue II

I apologize again for the short ending. Writer’s Block is a real pain.

The real reason Seth never uses acronyms is because I’m using him to reveal the full names of companies, jobs, etc.

‘Private Military Contractor’ is another name for ‘Mercenary’.

I’m still debating whether Ephraim started as a police officer or if he was always a politician, which is the case for many real-life Police Commissioners in the US.

Sleep Deprivation was a common interrogation tactic in the Soviet Union. In the United States, it is considered torture and therefore outlawed by the Eighth Amendment. Personally I find that ridiculous. Sleep Deprivation leaves no lasting damage, and when people are tired they tend to be more forthright. If a police interrogation team in this country finds sufficient evidence to indict a suspect through this method, the testimony becomes unusable in court. Same goes for people who were subjected to narcosynthesis, as it violates fifth amendment protections. Frankly, I believe any and all means should be used to determine someone’s guilt. Declaring any hard evidence unusable is tantamount to impeding an investigation.

Ephraim will not know that Lyon works for Henry Gould, and Lyon will have no idea that Ephraim is after Gould. The only common enemy all the parties I revealed so far have is Remming Industries, though they have different reasons for their biases.

Next up is FE:CSR Tale 9x Chapter 4, then some oneshots.


Enlarged ULD Cover Photo

For those of you who want to see what it looks like in detail:

ULD cover 2

Clockwise from top right: Frederick (13), Nergal (7), Validar (13), Lyon (8), Ephraim (8), Ike (9/10), Zelgius (9/10), Greil (9).

Since this is a Modern AU, I figured it would be appropriate to use a modernized version of my watermark alongside the traditional one.

Author’s Notes for Up The Ladder of Darkness Prologue I: Lyon

Yes, I know this chapter was short. If that bothers you, don’t worry; future chapters will be much longer. This is just a prologue.

You may be wondering why I used Ylisse and Plegia instead of countries in Magvel. I did that because I’m saving those names for the towns. Ephraim lives in Renais, and Lyon and Eirika live in the neighboring city of Grado. Both are in Magvel County. Greil and Ike Green live in the multi-borough city of Crimea (specifically in the borough of Melior), which is in Tellius County. The continent Ylisse and Plegia are in is called Valm.

Elibe will be included as a continent on the other side of the globe, ruled predominantly by communist dictators.

Like I said, this is just a prologue, so I don’t have much to say about it.

Next chapter will be a SECOND prologue, focusing on Ephraim. After that, I’ll be writing proper chapters.

Be sure to check the queue on my profile page for my writing schedule.

Preliminary notes for my new Modern AU

Happy New Year, everyone! Now on to business.

Up The Ladder of Darkness is an anti-liassez-faire capitalism piece about a country where major corporations pretty much act like mobs. It will mostly follow two separate protagonists, the Police Commissioner (Ephraim) and a war veteran who joins one of the corporations in the hopes of climbing to the top and becoming an executive (Lyon).

This will be my first politically motivated work. I hope to eventually publish it, given it receives well as a FanFic.

Most of the characters will have similar personalities to their canon counterparts, only modified to the extent that they’d be appropriate in the new setting.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and/or send me a PM.