Preliminary notes for FE:CSR revisions

The main revisions I will be making are to Yosef, who was overpowered, given too much attention and far crueler than I intended. He was supposed to be an enigmatic character, scarred by an event (or series of events) in his past, which I will reveal sparsely, gradually, and in little detail over the rest of the arcs his character exists in. I will make him a much kinder, and less (openly) powerful figure, and he will participate in the plot far less.

I’ve drastically changed my plans for his backstory over time, going from a simple man with inexplicable power, to a descendant of a deity, to a powerful druid who worked in the shadows, to the Crown Prince of a forgotten land, and many places in between. I’m not going to tell you his finalized backstory yet, but I think you’ll all like it. It’s subdued, but powerful, and hopefully it make his character more sympathetic.

I will also be modifying the plot, which previously glossed over a few potential plot points, gave too many predictable hints to plot twists later in the publication, had WAY to many Dei ex Machinis (which I used to resolve situations I screwed up), and a failed experiment in chapter 3 that I will almost completely rewrite (only the flashbacks and characters involved will remain).

I’ll give you more details as I update each chapter.


Map for Tales 9, 11, and 13

FECSR Elibe map

What it is: A map of Elibe as it was during Tale 9Ax of Fire Emblem: The Complete Saga Rewritten, which takes place give-or-take seven months before 9B (Lyn’s tale).

How I made it: I used an Application called Pixelmator to edit and make additions to the map of Elibe I found on the FE Wiki.


  • Most nations have been resized.
  • More locations have been named (many are original).
  • Bern has been divided into several Dukedoms.
  • Etruria has been divided into a cluster of counties, with only the prominent houses being named.
  • Borders for the Lycian cantons have been added.
  • Sacae has been divided into territories.
  • Nabata has become colonized by several powers.

Corrections/Edits (I made some mistakes in the map, but out of thoughtlessness didn’t save the file, and I’m not going to redo everything)

  • Avramberg is really Avramsberg
  • ‘Church’s Lands’ is now Churchland
  • There is a dividing line between Caerleon and Reglay, located at the river between them
  • Rolandsport is not a separate canton, so “(Pherae)” doesn’t need to be there

The only difference between the time period this map covers and later time periods is the amount of territories in Sacae. During Tale 9B, the Lorca territory was dissolved into the Shizu Territory; during Tale 12, the Shizu Territory was dissolved into the Kutolah Territory and the Deimo Territory was dissolved into the Djute Territory. In Tale 13, all of Sacae was subjugated by Bern and relegated to the Djute Tribe, who maintained semi-autonomous rule over the lands.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll respond as soon as I can.