In-SAIN New Year’s Extravanganza 2016-2017 Notes Part 1

I’m still working on two other Sain-centric pieces that I meant to release yesterday, but until my writer’s block clears up I might as well release notes for the first two.

First off, the cover photo:


The idea originally was to just paste Sain’s face over a picture of Jesus, but when I saw a picture of Jesus and seven disciples, I realized I could include all six women Sain has support conversations with… and Kent. Because you can’t have Sain without Kent. Yes, I know Sain and Kent also have support conversations with each other.

I admit these pieces are not my finest works, but frankly they’re not meant to be. I wrote them for merely for fun as a way to ring in the new year. Is that such a problem.

“Beauty And The Sain”

The fic takes little inspiration from “Beauty And The Beast”, but I thought the title worked nonetheless.

You were all expecting Sain to get his ass kicked, weren’t you? If that’s what you were hoping for, too bad.

My 25th fic special will most likely be Karel-centric.

If you look at the official art for every female character in FE7 from Sacae, and then from Lycia, you will know where Guy is coming from.

I mostly included Guy and Matthew because they are perfect sources for fun banter. In FE:CSR, they are both going to receive plenty of attention.

If you thought this was going to end in a kiss, Cormag, sorry to disappoint. I hope you enjoyed it anyway.


Considering the fic COOKIECHEESEMAN wrote that this is the sequel to was called “Commitment” (, I felt the title was appropriate.

You may have noticed this piece is a serious departure from my original style; this is because I was trying to imitate Cookie’s (with my own spin, of course).

Kent’s dream is based off of the single best Fire Emblem Fan Art I have ever seen. Here’s a link:

I don’t know what Cookie was thinking of when he wrote Lyn wearing a fancy, skin-tight, revealing dress, but I think of a teal version of what Sonia wears (

The part where Kent essentially breaks is a reference to a similar set of dialogue Sain shouted in “Commitment”, which was the first written line I had ever read that made me laugh.

The last sentence is a reference to the last sentence of “Commitment”.


Author’s Notes for Ancient Scholars Chapter 2

Well, this was a long time coming…

If you haven’t unlocked 19xx in FE7, I don’t expect you to have any clue as to what the hell Nergal is talking about. Don’t worry though, everything will be explained over the rest of the piece.

The dragon flashing white was a reference to the Fire Dragon’s critical animation from FE7, and Nergal taking him out so easily with a Luna spell was a reference to how OP Luna was back in the day. Seriously, Canas or Athos using Luna and getting a critical would kill the dragon in one hit. Meanwhile the Sol Katti was completely useless even if you maxed out Lyn’s stats.

Yes, I included Bantu. I figured it would be a nice little Easter Egg for those who have played the Akaneia games. I added the brief exposition about him for those who had never heard his name before.

And now we know how Arcadia was founded… at least partly. Next chapter will expand on what we all learned in FE7.

Author’s Notes for “Another Day, Another Adventure”

Well, here we are! I’m finally doing a fic starring my favorite crew in the whole franchise! I think it turned out well enough.

I admit, I may have taken some inspiration from Lord of The Rings here, albeit very little.

Oswin secretly enjoys everything here, though he would never admit it.

“What are all of the tutorial bosses doing here?” Well, considering how comically incompetent they were, I figured it would be funny to have them leading the bandit army.

“4 soldiers defeating an army? How much more OP can you make them?!” Clearly you haven’t read any self-inserts, but I digress. This is a COMEDY. It’s not intended to be a serious adventure containing realistic battles.

And we finish off with a nod to one of my favorite FE7 pairings, MatthewxLeila.

I’m probably going to do a lot more with these five.

AS is next, then ULD and PHK.

Author’s Notes for FE:CSR Tale 9x Final Chapter

The title, “The West Wind”, is derived from the biblical East Wind, which is said to be a divine force that sweeps away all that is evil. Likewise, the West Wind would theoretically be the demonic force that sweeps away all that is good. Considering this chapter focuses on the overarching antagonists from Tale 2 to Tale 12 (whose ultimate goal is to destroy everything The Eternal One created), I felt it to be quite appropriate.

Originally I was going to hold off on revealing Anankos, Idenn and Jahn’s names, but I figured I’d probably get bored playing the pronoun game for so long (the original plan was to reveal their names well into Tale 12). Besides, the opening pretty much confirmed it was Idenn and I was too lazy to change it.

I know FE5 takes place BEFORE the Holy War arc in FE4, but for beings as old as Mihnea, Manfroy and Veld (who are all over 4000 in Tale 9x; the Holy War arc in FE:CSR takes place around Marth’s time, 2000 years before Tale 10), a few years difference seems like no time at all.

Fun Fact: the closest given name I could find to Ninis was “Ninus”, the name of an Ancient Babylonian King. Unfortunately I didn’t check that sooner so I wrote the Ninis in FE:CSR as a woman. I’m not changing it.

The word ‘Ninis’ is obviously Greek, though, and what Google Translate told me it meant seemed very odd.

The canon Galdrar may be exclusive to the Tellius games, but in FE:CSR they were created by the Avramites (who I formerly called Archsages) in the ancient past for a variety of reasons. Remember, the Tellius arcs in FE:CSR take place nearly a millennium after Tale 9x; the herons may or may not be descendants of the Avramites.

I’ll get more into the curses Aenir mentioned at the end of the next tale.

Speaking of which, I should probably let you know I rebuilt Robin from the ground up so don’t expect him to be remotely like his canon counterpart. The other Shepherds, however, are mostly unchanged; the only significant modifications I made to them were stripping them of the cliched anime traits Nintendo game them.

Next in the queue are AS, PHK and ULD. All should be done by the end of August; best case scenario, I’ll have them out by the end of July, but considering my track record I don’t see that as a likely possibility. I will try, though!

Author’s Notes for The Love Masters

I’ve been looking forward to writing this one.

I wanted to include more characters, but I was somewhat pressed for time and couldn’t come up with anything for them.

I realize Sully doesn’t look remotely like Kent, but I figured it would be funny if I pretended she did.

In hindsight, I realize Fire Emblem fans may think I made Olivia seem like Severa, and (I believe) Anime fans may think I made her seem like a “Tsundere”. I, however, look at it from a psychologist’s standpoint: she’s going through classic denial, which is something plenty of people go through. Ergo, Olivia is not OOC.

Oh Lord did I have fun writing that last scene. In fact, I originally wrote it months ago, before I even knew what I was writing it for!

Editor’s Notes for “Fire Emblem Rekka No Ken: A Story Retold” Chapter 20C

GameFreakimage didn’t use much, but at least he used some of the dialogue I wrote.

He made some edits AFTER his other beta-reader and I made ours, so there were a number of spelling of grammatical errors scattered throughout the chapter.

If you have kept up with his story, you will find that it has become rather predictable. By this point, I understand I can’t do anything to change that, but I figured I could at least tell it better and introduce a few concepts people wouldn’t have predicted. GameFreakimage used none of my edits to the story.

One of the main problems I have found was how he neutered Ephidel’s character. As soon as his OC, Michael, gained the upper hand, the morph began experiencing fear, something he was designed to be immune to. In my version, he only became emotional at the end, when his life was spent. For that I took inspiration from Limstella’s death quote in the penultimate chapter of FE7.

Now, all of that was really a dream Michael had. In the original, he had miraculously been granted great power and used that to overwhelm Ephidel, but in the end was incapacitated by Jaffar. In my version, Ephidel subjected him to intense trauma that drove him mad; Michael then proceeded to use an item he had kept for emergencies which depleted him of what little sanity he had left. He then consumed Ephidel and destroyed the world. Of course, that was just a vision Ephidel gave him. In reality, he was lying unconscious at the Dragon’s Gate before the morph, his master and Jaffar. That didn’t matter to Michael, though, as his insanity in the vision carried over to reality and when he woke he would likely attack his former friends, distracting them while Nergal used Ninian to open the gate. Everyone who has played FE7 knows that this would not work… at least not entirely. Michael would regain his sanity only after heavily wounding Lyndis, at which point he would be traumatized so heavily he would never fight again.

When GameFreakimage told me he wanted Michael to stay out of future fights because of a PHYSICAL wound rather than a mental one, I rewrote the ending so Nergal, in fear of Michael killing Ninian, would order Jaffar to puncture the OC’s lower spine, permanently paralyzing him. Still, the writer went with his own version, which I personally find to be rather… mundane.

Also, most of the dialogue I wrote (very little of which he included) was very poetic in nature, and I felt it would very much suit the tone of the chapter. Specifically, Michael would go on about Ephidel being a puppet, taunting him with dialogue like “The curtain is falling on the final performance; the puppeteer no longer has need for his creation, so it is time for its disposal.”

The scenes I wrote were also a little more… violent. Rather than having Lyn block the first barrage of luna orbs Ephidel launched at Michael, the OC would be cut in half by the orbs, and Lyn didn’t arrive until Ephidel was about to deliver the finishing blow. In order to get Michael to kill the Sacaen, Ephidel gave the OC a pair of magically-created limbs to replace the legs he had lost.


That covers pretty much everything important. See you next time!

My First Editing Job

Recently, I was asked by FFn user GameFreakimage to beta read a chapter of his main publication, Fire Emblem Rekka no Ken: A Story Retold. As a result, I’ve decided that once he releases the chapter, I will post editor’s notes here.

Normally I wouldn’t do this, as beta reading (to my understanding) typically entails nothing more than correcting spelling and grammar. But in the case of this chapter, GameFreakimage requested that I give my opinion on the plot, and later asked me to make modifications based on my thoughts. I do not know if he will end up using them, but either way I will post information about my edits to the story here (I also plan to do this with other publications I end up reworking).

The post containing my notes will be rather long, as the chapter is going to be between eleven and fourteen thousand words, depending on which ideas of mine he uses (if any). Most of the chapters in FE:CSR are between four and eight thousand words, and if you keep up with my blog, you should know the typical length of each related post.

Fun fact, the main reason why I moved my author’s notes to my blog is because some of my readers complained about how long they were; I figured those who actually liked reading them would not have a problem with going to my blog. As for those who didn’t like them, they won’t have to see them anymore.

Author’s Notes for Ancient Scholars Chapter 1: Fast Friendship

Yes, yes, I know I released this ahead of schedule. I had writer’s block, and this was the easiest of my three projects to write. I swear I’m almost done with FE:CSR Tale 9x Chapter 2… TWO more sections, that’s all!

Sorry if you found the first section boring. I just wanted to include it as a background for the fic.

By this point, Nergal was technically a druid, but elected to still wear Shaman’s robes because he wanted to remain relatively unnoticed.

Similar jobs, similar passions… seems like the basis for a friendship to me!

The reason Nergal didn’t recognize the tome (despite Forblaze being written on it) is because he had been searching for ways to resurrect his wife and bring back his children since very early in the Scouring and pretty much stopped paying attention to the world around him.

The part about Fire tomes being strong against wind was a reference to Radiant Dawn’s Anima Triangle… which will be included in all of my fics. The reason Nergal didn’t know about it was because Athos needed to deliver exposition.

Next chapter: finding and entering the colony that would eventually become Arcadia!

I know this was still short, but at least it passed 1000 words! Next chapter will probably be a little longer, but this publication as a whole will be much shorter than the rest of my works. Probably won’t have that many chapters either. Up The Ladder of Darkness, however, will be quite long. One day, I hope to rework it and publish it as an original work.

Author’s Notes for “The Unburdening of a Bishop”

Yes, yes, I know this wasn’t my best. Frankly, I’m surprised it came out as good as it did. It took me a day of writing and two days of editing to release it; in hindsight I probably should have started to work on it earlier, as I wanted to release it within a week of WS’s completion (I did NOT expect three chapters to be released at the same time…).

I’m very proud of the section with Nergal. His death in Tale 11 of FE:CSR will probably play out similarly.

Renault’s dialogue was inspired mainly by two things

  1. In the beginning of “Wayward Son”, Renault was just like Jacques in “Unburdening” – a stoneworker’s apprentice whose father’s death drove his mother to become extremely religious.
  2. His experiences as detailed early in Wayward Son

Naturally, Jacques was inspired by Renault’s character early in Wayward Son.

As those of you who have read Wayward Son should already know, Gunlord’s Renault is very different from mine; I hope that didn’t bother anyone.

Well, that’s all for this baby. Next oneshots on the list, two crackfics and a competition between Sain and Virion.

Tale 9B Epilogue Author’s Notes

Well, I’ve FINALLY finished 9B! 9x takes place over the course of a year, ending at the time at which canon Emmeryn gets kidnapped. I may or may not keep that. A bunch of other stuff happens to a bunch of other characters in that time, but I doubt it’ll take that long to discuss it. Don’t worry about the rest of the Ylisse-Plegia war arc… it’ll be fleshed out enough to make up for the fact that I’m cutting out a lot of what comes before it.

NML is short for No Man’s Land. You’ll understand once I post a map of Ylisse and Valm (which I will… when it’s finished). That map should also explain Validar’s interest in it. As for Yosef’s, well, I’ll reveal that around the end of Eliwood’s tale.

Finally, another part of Yosef’s backstory has been revealed! And boy does it get dark. Trust me, you have no idea what he’s been through. I’ll let that sink into your mind.

I didn’t expand MacMillian’s dialogue about Valm because everything important about it was covered last chapter (and will be covered again in Walhart’s tale).

Lyn’s resemblance to Hanon will sort of be important in the upcoming tales.

Clock-cleaning is considered Labor, right?

Aaaand Robin’s a cocky asshole! At least, on the outside. I’ll broaden his and his companions’ characters in the upcoming tales. That portal spell of his is going to be the most convenient spell of them all. He has two catchphrases to go with it – “gotcha!” and “played you right into your own hands!” The only canon catchphrase he’s going to use in FE:CSR is “Checkmate”, but he doesn’t start using that one until the Valm arc… you’ll understand it when you read it.

Challenge still stands – identify the Priestess before I reveal her identity and I’ll write you a oneshot!

I’m not an expert on Eastern history, so I’m not going to try and lecture you on what ‘Khan’, ‘Khagan’ or ‘Kurultai’ really mean, but I do know that in FE:CSR they differ from their real life counter parts. When I write 9x and 10, I’ll make sure to explain what they mean in-fic.

Yeah, yeah, I could have put in endings for more characters, but I didn’t really deem them important and after the monster that was Chapter 10, I wanted to give you guys a little break from excessive detail.

Well, see you next time!