Why Hammershlag not Hammerschlag

Some of you may have been wondering this.

Originally it was a typo, but I easily could have changed it.

I realized however, that while maybe not on FFn, plenty of German-speaking people ought to use the name “Hammerschlag” (which is a surname that means Hammer strike), and I wanted to stand out.


A note on Chon’sinian names

OK! I don’t know what Nintendo’s rationale was on the names they gave characters from Chon’sin, but I’ve established a method of my own for use in FE:CSR:

(Given name)'(Family name (gender dependent))

For example:

Yen’fay – Yen is his given name; Fay is his father’s surname.

Say’ri – Say is her given name; Ri is her mother’s surname.

Hence, Say’ri and Ke’ri (a character from Lon’qu’s backstory) are now related. Oh, and remember how I said Karla and Karel were actually from Valm? Well, check my post on “The Bulwarks” for an interesting revelation.