Regarding Homosexuality among other things

The past couple of years have really been full of controversies surrounding homo-, bi- and trans-sexuality. Left-wing idealists over-encourage admittance and acceptance, religious fundamentalists oppose and condemn to the point of absurdity, and the media overcapitalizes on anything outside of the status quo.

I have no problems with who people choose to sleep with (how many is another story), but I also don’t want to know about it. So you like someone of the same gender – who cares? Sexuality isn’t something to advertise; doing so only makes people uncomfortable. At least, that’s my feeling. I believe that who you enter a relationship with is your business. Hell, when I get married, I’ll tell my parents and friends, but I’m not going to shout out to everyone I am capable of contacting, “Hey everybody! I love women, and I’m about to get married to the most beautiful woman in the world! Deal with it!”

People in the so-called Gay Pride movement, on the other hand, just stoke the flames of already volatile arguments between radicals on both sides. As I said before, I have no problem with people choosing to enter relationships with persons of the same sex, but when you act so flamboyantly and outlandishly, it’s not a form of expression – it’s a form of ludicrousness. I have the same feeling towards heterosexuals who advertise their sexual preference and towards anyone who is overly upfront about anything. Subtlety, politeness and general courtesy are (in my opinion) the best ways to show others how good a person you are. Of course, if you have strong opinions, there is nothing wrong with talking or writing about them so long as you do not intentionally say or write something inflammatory.


Tale 9B Chapter 10 update

Hello everyone,

I am really sorry for the lack of updates! Between Spring Break, Finals, Gim training, Horn practicing and a lot of personal mishegas, I really haven’t had much free time.

BUT! Now that most of that is over, I’m back to working… at least a little! As of right now, I have 7218 words done in Chapter 10, and there will probably be thrice that in the final draft.

Until next time, fellas!