Author’s Notes for Ancient Scholars Chapter 2

Well, this was a long time coming…

If you haven’t unlocked 19xx in FE7, I don’t expect you to have any clue as to what the hell Nergal is talking about. Don’t worry though, everything will be explained over the rest of the piece.

The dragon flashing white was a reference to the Fire Dragon’s critical animation from FE7, and Nergal taking him out so easily with a Luna spell was a reference to how OP Luna was back in the day. Seriously, Canas or Athos using Luna and getting a critical would kill the dragon in one hit. Meanwhile the Sol Katti was completely useless even if you maxed out Lyn’s stats.

Yes, I included Bantu. I figured it would be a nice little Easter Egg for those who have played the Akaneia games. I added the brief exposition about him for those who had never heard his name before.

And now we know how Arcadia was founded… at least partly. Next chapter will expand on what we all learned in FE7.


Author’s Notes for Ancient Scholars Chapter 1: Fast Friendship

Yes, yes, I know I released this ahead of schedule. I had writer’s block, and this was the easiest of my three projects to write. I swear I’m almost done with FE:CSR Tale 9x Chapter 2… TWO more sections, that’s all!

Sorry if you found the first section boring. I just wanted to include it as a background for the fic.

By this point, Nergal was technically a druid, but elected to still wear Shaman’s robes because he wanted to remain relatively unnoticed.

Similar jobs, similar passions… seems like the basis for a friendship to me!

The reason Nergal didn’t recognize the tome (despite Forblaze being written on it) is because he had been searching for ways to resurrect his wife and bring back his children since very early in the Scouring and pretty much stopped paying attention to the world around him.

The part about Fire tomes being strong against wind was a reference to Radiant Dawn’s Anima Triangle… which will be included in all of my fics. The reason Nergal didn’t know about it was because Athos needed to deliver exposition.

Next chapter: finding and entering the colony that would eventually become Arcadia!

I know this was still short, but at least it passed 1000 words! Next chapter will probably be a little longer, but this publication as a whole will be much shorter than the rest of my works. Probably won’t have that many chapters either. Up The Ladder of Darkness, however, will be quite long. One day, I hope to rework it and publish it as an original work.