A note on Regna Ferox

So, out of curiosity, I looked up a translation for Regna Ferox in Google Translate, and it came up with something strange. ‘Regna’ means ‘Kingdoms’ or ‘Realms’ in Latin (and rain in Swedish… but I doubt that’s relevant in this context). and ‘Ferox’, which I know to mean ‘Fierce’, somehow translated to ‘Wilmington’. Yes, Wilmington! As in (among other things) the manor in Kent, England (which happens to have some of the earliest examples of Anglo-Saxon Charters)! If ‘Wilmington’ is somehow actually an accurate translation of ‘Ferox’, then ‘Regna Ferox’ is a corruption of ‘Regnum Ferox’… or Ferox Regnum… I would think it would be the latter, as most modern languages based off of Latin place the descriptor after the object, but Google Translate says either could work, with Regnum Ferox meaning Kingdom of Ferox and Ferox Regnum meaning Ferox Kingdom, which are interchangeable in English. Then again, for (at least some) English proper nouns, Romance languages place the descriptor first (ex. the Spanish term for New York is Nueva York, not York Nueva). Additionally, Wilmington’s extended name was the Lordship of Wilmington, so the Latin translation would be ‘Dominium Ferox’.

Of course, I could very well be on to NOTHING here, as Google isn’t exactly known for its accuracy. I really do find it odd though that when paired with ‘Regna’ Google translated ‘Ferox’ as ‘Wilmington’.

If Regna Ferox really does have European roots, then calling the Feroxi leaders ‘Khans’ – who in real life were the leaders of the Mongol Empire and its breakaway states, is a little awkward.

Regardless, in FE:CSR, I’m reworking Ferox to more closely resemble the Mongol Empire. Now, will they be exactly the same? No, but the political structures will be similar.


Map for Tales 9, 11, and 13

FECSR Elibe map

What it is: A map of Elibe as it was during Tale 9Ax of Fire Emblem: The Complete Saga Rewritten, which takes place give-or-take seven months before 9B (Lyn’s tale).

How I made it: I used an Application called Pixelmator to edit and make additions to the map of Elibe I found on the FE Wiki.


  • Most nations have been resized.
  • More locations have been named (many are original).
  • Bern has been divided into several Dukedoms.
  • Etruria has been divided into a cluster of counties, with only the prominent houses being named.
  • Borders for the Lycian cantons have been added.
  • Sacae has been divided into territories.
  • Nabata has become colonized by several powers.

Corrections/Edits (I made some mistakes in the map, but out of thoughtlessness didn’t save the file, and I’m not going to redo everything)

  • Avramberg is really Avramsberg
  • ‘Church’s Lands’ is now Churchland
  • There is a dividing line between Caerleon and Reglay, located at the river between them
  • Rolandsport is not a separate canton, so “(Pherae)” doesn’t need to be there

The only difference between the time period this map covers and later time periods is the amount of territories in Sacae. During Tale 9B, the Lorca territory was dissolved into the Shizu Territory; during Tale 12, the Shizu Territory was dissolved into the Kutolah Territory and the Deimo Territory was dissolved into the Djute Territory. In Tale 13, all of Sacae was subjugated by Bern and relegated to the Djute Tribe, who maintained semi-autonomous rule over the lands.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll respond as soon as I can.