Tale 9B Epilogue Author’s Notes

Well, I’ve FINALLY finished 9B! 9x takes place over the course of a year, ending at the time at which canon Emmeryn gets kidnapped. I may or may not keep that. A bunch of other stuff happens to a bunch of other characters in that time, but I doubt it’ll take that long to discuss it. Don’t worry about the rest of the Ylisse-Plegia war arc… it’ll be fleshed out enough to make up for the fact that I’m cutting out a lot of what comes before it.

NML is short for No Man’s Land. You’ll understand once I post a map of Ylisse and Valm (which I will… when it’s finished). That map should also explain Validar’s interest in it. As for Yosef’s, well, I’ll reveal that around the end of Eliwood’s tale.

Finally, another part of Yosef’s backstory has been revealed! And boy does it get dark. Trust me, you have no idea what he’s been through. I’ll let that sink into your mind.

I didn’t expand MacMillian’s dialogue about Valm because everything important about it was covered last chapter (and will be covered again in Walhart’s tale).

Lyn’s resemblance to Hanon will sort of be important in the upcoming tales.

Clock-cleaning is considered Labor, right?

Aaaand Robin’s a cocky asshole! At least, on the outside. I’ll broaden his and his companions’ characters in the upcoming tales. That portal spell of his is going to be the most convenient spell of them all. He has two catchphrases to go with it – “gotcha!” and “played you right into your own hands!” The only canon catchphrase he’s going to use in FE:CSR is “Checkmate”, but he doesn’t start using that one until the Valm arc… you’ll understand it when you read it.

Challenge still stands – identify the Priestess before I reveal her identity and I’ll write you a oneshot!

I’m not an expert on Eastern history, so I’m not going to try and lecture you on what ‘Khan’, ‘Khagan’ or ‘Kurultai’ really mean, but I do know that in FE:CSR they differ from their real life counter parts. When I write 9x and 10, I’ll make sure to explain what they mean in-fic.

Yeah, yeah, I could have put in endings for more characters, but I didn’t really deem them important and after the monster that was Chapter 10, I wanted to give you guys a little break from excessive detail.

Well, see you next time!


Writing Miriel

Well, I’ve started Tale 9x, which takes place in Ylisse in the months leading to the Second Ylisse-Plegia War (The first(?) Awakening arc), and for the most part it’s going to be smooth sailing as I know exactly what I’m going to write. It’s all in my head – no more writer’s block for a while! Except for one thing…

There are few things I’m not changing about Awakening, but Miriel is just something else. I’m scaling back her magical power a bit, but I’m compensating for that by making her even smarter, especially when it comes to inventing new technology. BUT THAT’S ALL! She’s still a pedant and perfectionist (I am willing to discuss why those two aren’t entirely synonymous if you really want to) and uses extremely complex diction. My only problem right now is making sure she sounds in character. I have a pretty good vocabulary, but I’m better at reading advanced words than writing them, so I’ve been using my thesaurus from time to time to help out.

For those of you who struggle writing her, here’s my thought process:

  1. Write the essence of what you want her to say using whatever diction you feel comfortable with
  2. For more advanced words, consult a thesaurus
  3. Look through the different synonyms and look up their SPECIFIC definitions to make sure you use them in the right context
  4. Reword the sentence as needed

Everyone has their own way of doing things, so if my method doesn’t help you I’m sure someone else’s will.