Enlarged FanFiction Profile Photo

In case any of you are wondering what it looks like in detail.


FanFiction profile picture 3


From left to right:

Top – Loptyr (4/5), Nergal (7), Naga (1/3/4/5/11/12/13)

Middle: Shiida (1/3/11/12), Celica (2), Sigurd (4), Eliwood (7), Hector (7), Ike (9/10), Elincia (9/10), Chrom (13), Lucina (13)

Bottom: Marth (1/3/11/12), Alm (2), Seliph (4), Leif (4/5), Roy (6), Lyn (7), Lilina (6), Ephraim (8), Eirika (8), Micaiah (10), Corrin (14), Azura (14)



I somehow just realized this.

Link wears green, primarily uses a sword and bow, rescues an aristocrat (Zelda) and fights a sorcerer (Ganon).

Lyn wears green, primarily uses a sword and bow, rescues an aristocrat (Hausen) and fights a sorcerer (Nergal).

Also their names both start with an L, contain an N, have an ‘in’ sound and are only one syllable.

Anybody else see any parallels? If you think I missed some, let me know in a comment!


EDIT: OK, technically Lyn wears teal, but it’s close enough.

A note on Chon’sinian names

OK! I don’t know what Nintendo’s rationale was on the names they gave characters from Chon’sin, but I’ve established a method of my own for use in FE:CSR:

(Given name)'(Family name (gender dependent))

For example:

Yen’fay – Yen is his given name; Fay is his father’s surname.

Say’ri – Say is her given name; Ri is her mother’s surname.

Hence, Say’ri and Ke’ri (a character from Lon’qu’s backstory) are now related. Oh, and remember how I said Karla and Karel were actually from Valm? Well, check my post on “The Bulwarks” for an interesting revelation.

The Bulwarks

A.K.A. Valm’s Shepherds.

I will be introducing this bunch in Tale 9x Chapter 4 of FE:CSR. For now, I’ll just give you a list of characters and limited descriptions.

Cramer (Lord character) – a disgraced Colonel from Celicium with a foul tongue. Has a rivalry with General Juidice. Disagrees with Valm’s militaristic approach at handling the Grimleal.

LeGrant (Oifey archetype) – a tactician and Cramer’s childhood friend. Docile in nature, but strong on the field.

Matthias and Marta (Cain and Abel archetype) – childhood friends from Rosanne. Sophisticated, yet somehow tolerant of Cramer’s rough personality. Borderline-obsessed with tea.

Edna (Ogma archetype) – the original leader of the Bulwarks. Stepped down when she realized Cramer would be a far better leader. Serves as a mother figure and adviser to the group.

Kor’el and Sin’li (Bord and Cord archetype) – brother and sister from Chon’sin. Both aggressive, but loyal to Cramer. Wildlife enthusiasts.

Jian’quei (Nabarl archetype) – a young Chon’sinian girl who was rescued from revenants by LeGrant. Naïve, but powerful. Has more energy than anyone else in the group.

Sila (Lena archetype) – a cleric from the Province of Valm. Blithe personality.

Nadir (Julian archetype) – a homeless thief born to a Plegian family. Indebted to Sila. Secretive, but trustworthy.

Xao’ren (Jeorge archetype) – Jian’quei’s distant cousin and half-sister of General Yen’fay. Quiet, but lethal with a blade and light magic.

Nathan (Merric archetype) – a young mage from the Province of Valm. Sila’s bodyguard. Kindhearted and intelligent, but brooding.