Enlarged FanFiction Profile Photo

In case any of you are wondering what it looks like in detail.


FanFiction profile picture 3


From left to right:

Top – Loptyr (4/5), Nergal (7), Naga (1/3/4/5/11/12/13)

Middle: Shiida (1/3/11/12), Celica (2), Sigurd (4), Eliwood (7), Hector (7), Ike (9/10), Elincia (9/10), Chrom (13), Lucina (13)

Bottom: Marth (1/3/11/12), Alm (2), Seliph (4), Leif (4/5), Roy (6), Lyn (7), Lilina (6), Ephraim (8), Eirika (8), Micaiah (10), Corrin (14), Azura (14)


Why Hammershlag not Hammerschlag

Some of you may have been wondering this.

Originally it was a typo, but I easily could have changed it.

I realized however, that while maybe not on FFn, plenty of German-speaking people ought to use the name “Hammerschlag” (which is a surname that means Hammer strike), and I wanted to stand out.


I somehow just realized this.

Link wears green, primarily uses a sword and bow, rescues an aristocrat (Zelda) and fights a sorcerer (Ganon).

Lyn wears green, primarily uses a sword and bow, rescues an aristocrat (Hausen) and fights a sorcerer (Nergal).

Also their names both start with an L, contain an N, have an ‘in’ sound and are only one syllable.

Anybody else see any parallels? If you think I missed some, let me know in a comment!


EDIT: OK, technically Lyn wears teal, but it’s close enough.

A note on Chon’sinian names

OK! I don’t know what Nintendo’s rationale was on the names they gave characters from Chon’sin, but I’ve established a method of my own for use in FE:CSR:

(Given name)'(Family name (gender dependent))

For example:

Yen’fay – Yen is his given name; Fay is his father’s surname.

Say’ri – Say is her given name; Ri is her mother’s surname.

Hence, Say’ri and Ke’ri (a character from Lon’qu’s backstory) are now related. Oh, and remember how I said Karla and Karel were actually from Valm? Well, check my post on “The Bulwarks” for an interesting revelation.

The Bulwarks

A.K.A. Valm’s Shepherds.

I will be introducing this bunch in Tale 9x Chapter 4 of FE:CSR. For now, I’ll just give you a list of characters and limited descriptions.

Cramer (Lord character) – a disgraced Colonel from Celicium with a foul tongue. Has a rivalry with General Juidice. Disagrees with Valm’s militaristic approach at handling the Grimleal.

LeGrant (Oifey archetype) – a tactician and Cramer’s childhood friend. Docile in nature, but strong on the field.

Matthias and Marta (Cain and Abel archetype) – childhood friends from Rosanne. Sophisticated, yet somehow tolerant of Cramer’s rough personality. Borderline-obsessed with tea.

Edna (Ogma archetype) – the original leader of the Bulwarks. Stepped down when she realized Cramer would be a far better leader. Serves as a mother figure and adviser to the group.

Kor’el and Sin’li (Bord and Cord archetype) – brother and sister from Chon’sin. Both aggressive, but loyal to Cramer. Wildlife enthusiasts.

Jian’quei (Nabarl archetype) – a young Chon’sinian girl who was rescued from revenants by LeGrant. Naïve, but powerful. Has more energy than anyone else in the group.

Sila (Lena archetype) – a cleric from the Province of Valm. Blithe personality.

Nadir (Julian archetype) – a homeless thief born to a Plegian family. Indebted to Sila. Secretive, but trustworthy.

Xao’ren (Jeorge archetype) – Jian’quei’s distant cousin and half-sister of General Yen’fay. Quiet, but lethal with a blade and light magic.

Nathan (Merric archetype) – a young mage from the Province of Valm. Sila’s bodyguard. Kindhearted and intelligent, but brooding.